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MiDAS is administered nationally by The Community Transport Association (CTAUK) and provides organisations, such as yours, with the means to assess and train all their minibus drivers. There are over 5,000 member organisations  with approaching 100,000 trained drivers.

MiDAS courses cover many aspect of transport

  The MiDAS Mini Bus Drivers Course, for drivers of standard mini  buses and accesible mini buses - Click on the logo to find out more

The MiDAS Passenger Assistants Course,  for those who help and support passengers , enabling them to have a safe and comfortable journey.  This course is suitable for passenger assistants/escorts on mini buses, taxis and car drivers - Click on the logo to find out more

The MiDAS Car & MPV Drivers Course, for drivers who transport passengers in cars and/or people carriers.  With the change in licencing laws this  is becoming more popular - Click on the logo to find out more. 

Other MiDAS courses available are

Manual Handling

Five Steps to Safety

For more details about these course please contact us, email info@kdftraining.co.uk or telephone 07804910452.