MiDAS - Passenger Assistants


MiDAS Passenger Assistants (PA's) is a membership scheme. The person to be trained may be work in a wide variety of sectors such as departments within local authorities, school transport, social services, this is equally applicable to volunteers who support these organisations by helping with transport for individuals who need assistance when travelling. 

This course has a wider remit than just mini buses it also includes taxis .

The modules are;

Module A : The Role of the Passenger Assistant

Module B1 : Passenger Awareness and Assistance

Module B2 : Assisting Passengers who travel in a Wheelchair

Module C1 : Supervising Children and Young People with Special Needs

Module C2 : Working with Adults who require Care and Supervision

Everyone trained under MiDAS for Passenger Assistants have to attend Module A and are likely to be asked to train on other individual modules.

For the Passenger Assistants courses, because they are modular, they can vary in length, depending upon size of class and practical exercises etc., Modules have theory tests to be completed and in addition the 'B' modules have practical skills assessments.   MiDAS certificates are issued following successful completion. 

To discuss your needs please contact us, email info@kdftraining.co.uk or telephone 07804910452